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The Dragoning is my first audio drama podcast and it takes place in a not so distant future where the whole city has been shaken by the epidemic of women turning into dragons.

The podcast was written by me and is being recorded in actors’ homes while we are all social distancing. Theatre usually requires people in a room together but we’re making it happen! 

Messenger Theatre Company (my company) is producing. It is usually a highly visual company and this new form allows for creating those visuals in the imaginations of the audience. 

You can listen now on Apple, Anchor, Spotify, Stitcher, Pocketcasts, iHeartRadioBreaker, RadioPublic, Overcast and Tunein. You could also listen on the company website.

In The Dragoning, a city is shaken by the transformations of women into dragons who consume and immolate men. A tourist from afar tries to understand what, when any woman could literally eat you for lunch, is a guy supposed to do? Who can you trust? 


The Dragoning is written by Emily Rainbow Davis

The Dragoning Theme was composed by Scott Ethier

Sound Design by Matt Powell

Cast of Season One (in order of appearance):

Ned Massey, Julian Rozzell, Brooke Turner, Jeff LaGreca, Max Arnaud, Sevrin Anne Mason, Emily Hartford, Nancy Nagrant, Sally Beaumont, Vickie Tanner.

Cast of Season Two (in order of appearance):

Nina Nikolic, Conrad Le Bron, Clare Stevenson, Mischa Ipp, Sara Lynam, Emily Hartford, Julian Rozzell Jr and Rhiannon Moushall

 If you want to help us make a third season, you can donate at Ko-fi, Guidestar or PayPal.

The Dragoning

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