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Songs for the Struggling Artist, the blog, is where I blog about the arts, arts education, intersectional feminism, artistic economics and other things relevant to those interests. It has become one of the most popular things I do. For those who prefer to listen, I read it on the podcast which shares its name. I call it the blogcast. 

Every week, I read a blog and sing a song related to the topic in some way. For example, for my blog, 

The Velvet Rope, I covered Janet Jackson's Velvet Rope. I wrote a piece about businesses jumping the shark and wrote some new lyrics about it to Hank William's Mind Your Own Business.

I'm grateful that people are listening around the world. I've charted in some amazing places I hope to visit one day. I've gotten to #15 in Ghana, #32 in Bolivia, #70 in Bulgaria, # 73 in Brazil, #96 in Qatar, #119 in the Philippines, #143 in Sweden, #193 in Hungary and  #198 in Greece.  

Songs for the Struggling Artist is available via most podcast apps. Links are below.

Or you can listen here!

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