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But what do you do?

It is said there were nine muses. They whispered inspiration into the ears of the ancient artists – each muse inspired a different art. In the ancient times, muses like Euterpe and Terpsichore spoke to men and it was a sort of one to one relationship. Homer appealed to Calliope and she helped him make an epic poem.


People are often confused by what I do. They ask, “What are you? A writer or a performer? A director or a singer? A playwright or a clown?’” And the answer is yes.


Many muses speak to me and I suspect that they continue to show up because I listen to them attentively. They don’t often speak all at once. They are patient with one another. The muse of music pushed herself forward recently after waiting patiently in the background for a long while. The muse of playwriting will often collaborate with the muse of directing. (The muse of performing isn’t really up for working with them. She prefers to collaborate with other people’s muses.)  The blogging and podcasting muses work together and they usually loop in the muse of music. A few years ago, a novelist muse showed up and I’m learning how to listen to her. I listen to hear what an idea wants to become.


I have a well of creativity that gets drawn from in many forms. Close observers will see the essence that connects the many things I do. Casual observers will often be confused.


For me, creativity is like water. It is necessary for life, abundant and flexible. It can take many forms but its essence remains the same. My muses dictate the form and I am the listener.




But for those who need concrete answers: I am a writer, performer, playwright, director, devisor, singer, songwriter, novelist, educator, Feldenkrais practitioner, Shakespeare consultant (and nerd,) blogger, artistic director, podcaster and clown.

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