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I have several novels in progress. They just want some time and space to whip them into shape! You can see what they're about below.

During my residency at Chalk in Vancouver, BC, I worked on this book for young people. My friend's daughter to whom I read the first draft says it is "better than Harry Potter"so that helps keep me going when it seems challenging.

Leandra spends most of her time in her local library. When the library’s books and librarians vanish, Leandra sets off on a quest to find them. Following a mysterious trail of red leaves through a leaf-pile, she discovers the fantastical Akita, The Global Library, where libraries come in all shapes and sizes. With her friend, Ammon, the Wandering Librarian and his library (a camel,) Leandra investigates the disturbing trend of all kinds of books and libraries disappearing. Are those her books paved into the ballroom floor? And what are those strange books wrapped in burlap and twine that seem to send people to inhospitable places as soon as they open them? Who is behind the cryptic messages and illustrations that keep appearing in her guide book? Is it The Chair? Or reclusive author, Dorothea Crane? The fate of them all rests in one young girl’s book-loving hands.

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Leandra's Lost LIbrary

Can dance save the world?

It might in this fantastical novel about a mysterious vanishing dancing school.

Mr. Ricky's

Dancing School

An Irish village pub.

A Mexican street artist.

An illicit weaving business.

A grandmother who communes with fairies. Why can't things  be normal for Duilian?

The Love Songs of Duilian Morales

Odd things seem to happen to those that drink the cabernet described as full of "insanity and terror" - everyone thought it was a typo for "intensity and terroir" - but was it?

Four Sisters Cabernet

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