I'm on an artist retreat where I have access to a swimming pool and I am perfecting my butterfly stroke. I am also working on my play about the archaeological dig at Knossos on Crete.

I'm trying to turn three websites into one. I've eliminated my Shakespeare Consulting one to include a page here. And will, once I figure out how to redirect my email, eliminate the Feldenkrais one as well.

I'm still podcasting every week at Songs for the Struggling Artist. This means I'm still learning/practicing a song every week too. This week I'm working on "A Sort of Fairytale."

Still blogging at Songs for the Struggling Artist as well. Last hit post was called Night at the Wet Opera.

I'm almost done posting the lines from Hamlet for the Hamlet Project and still writing lines for the Cymbeline Project. 

I'm preparing for a Feldenkrais workshop with the League of Independent Theater.