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Searching for a venue for our new audio drama podcast, The Defense. We're looking for a place with a good sound set up that we can bring an audience to. Suggestions welcome!

Celebrating a lot of friends' milestone birthdays this year. I celebrated mine with a dance party! 

Acted in a show for the first time since 2020! Up, Up and Done was written by Angela Santillo and directed by Emily Hartford. In the show with me: Chester Poon and Allison Cachay Narva. It was part of The Motor Company's Communal Spaces festival. We got rained out a lot but had a marvelous time. 

Finally got my hair cut for the first time since well before the pandemic. I was able to donate over 19 inches to Hair We Share. 

I'm still podcasting every week at Songs for the Struggling Artist. This means I'm still learning/practicing a song every week too.

Still blogging at Songs for the Struggling Artist as well. It's still impossible to predict what will be a hit. 

I finished posting the lines from Hamlet for the Hamlet Project and last year the New York Times linked to one of my posts in a theatre review. Very exciting and drove a lot of traffic there! I'm still writing and posting lines for the Cymbeline Project

Organizing our house. (We have a house?!?!) 

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