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I got accepted to the Mudhouse Residency in Crete. I'll be spending two weeks working on my play about a hill (in Crete!) and getting inspired by other artists of many disciplines, visiting an archeological site (excavated by a woman I've researched a LOT for this play) and learning Cretan circle dances (also already featured in this play) and I had no idea about these odd coincidences when I applied! Anyway - I've raised about 90% of the money I need to pay the fees and will start fundraising for my airfare after that! If you want to help me get there, go here:


We did our first in-person show in a long while as part of Mujerstory at IATI Theater in the East Village. The Church of the Holy Abortion was Written by me, Directed by Emily Hartford, Performed by Kristen Vaughn with Raven Snook, Costumes by DW, Music by Scott Ethier. We're exploring the possibilities of turning it into an audio drama.


Resting on my laurels a bit after getting out Season Two of The Dragoning, my audio drama podcast AND The Chip, a short speculative fiction play about abortion.

And enjoying the high of hearing how much my friend's daughter loved listening to my book, Leandra's Lost Library when she was home sick with COVID earlier this year.

I'm still podcasting every week at Songs for the Struggling Artist. This means I'm still learning/practicing a song every week too. Last year, I got to collaborate with Scott Ethier on two songs/poems.

Still blogging at Songs for the Struggling Artist as well. It's still impossible to predict what will be a hit. 

I finished posting the lines from Hamlet for the Hamlet Project and last year the New York Times linked to one of my posts in a theatre review. Very exciting and drove a lot of traffic there! I'm still writing and posting lines for the Cymbeline Project. 

Sent out music and zines for my patrons on Patreon for 2022.

Organizing our house. (We have a house?!?!) 

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