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My new audio drama podcast, The Defense is over halfway complete! Available at all podcast apps. New episodes on Thursdays. And we have one live recording left to do. You can come see it! Here's a link for tickets.

I'm still podcasting every week at Songs for the Struggling Artist. This means I'm still learning/practicing a song every week too.

Still blogging at Songs for the Struggling Artist as well. It's still impossible to predict what will be a hit. 

I finished posting the lines from Hamlet for the Hamlet Project and last year the New York Times linked to one of my posts in a theatre review. Very exciting and drove a lot of traffic there! I'm still writing and posting lines for the Cymbeline Project

Writing Season Three of The Dragoning very slowly. 

Celebrated a lot of friends' milestone birthdays last year. I celebrated mine with a dance party! I guess I don't know enough people a year younger than me because this trend has slowed down. (More dance parties please!) 

Updated April 6, 2024

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