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Many of my plays have been produced by my company, Messenger Theatre Company

On the company website, you can see images from my plays: The Door Was Open, Persephone, The Golden Apple: For the Fairest, Little Girl Stew, The EnemySeeing Inside, fig. a: The Heart and The Great God Money

Additional Productions and Readings of other plays at Dreamcatcher Repertory Theatre, Western Connecticut State University Department of Theatre Arts, Columbia Gorge Repertory Theatre, Stolen Chair and The International School of South Korea.


Commissions from: Garces, Carnegie Melon University Radio Series, St. Thomas RC and Pistarkle Theatre

Plays I'm working on now are: The Defense, The UnsurvivedMedusa Slain By Perseus, The Apotheosis of Victoria Woodhull, The Tenth Muse, Errors Before Errors, Ochre Park, The Kephala of Knossos and Failed to Burn  

You can read some of my work at the New Play Exchange. My profile is here: 

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