While trying to think about what lullabies I could learn to sing for children who have been cruelly separated from their parents, I found myself writing one. 

I've written several lullabies for my friends' children.

This is my first for the thousands of children who are lost to their parents for the moment.

I didn't mean to write it, truth be told. It just sort of happened to me one afternoon. 

If you want to know more about this project, you can read about it on the blog here.

All proceeds are donated to the Women's Refugee Commission.

Lost Lullaby Lyrics

Stars, watch over my baby

Moon, watch over my child

Wind, whisper love to my baby

In the town, in the country, in the wild


Earth, please hold up my baby

Water, replenish my child

Air, won’t you sing to my baby

In the town, in the country, in the wild


Even if we’re apart

Even if we’re afraid

Even if the world changes those plans that we made

Even in the dark

Even in a storm

Our love will keep us warm

Lost Lullaby

Translation by Sabrina Lastman (Gracias Sabrina!


Estrellas, cuiden a mi bebé

Luna, cuida a mi hijo

Viento, susúrrale amor a mi bebé

En la ciudad, en el campo, en la naturaleza


Tierra, abraza a mi bebé

Agua, repone a mi hijo

Aire, le cantarás a mi bebé?

En la ciudad, en el campo, en la naturaleza


Aunque estemos separados

Aunque tengamos miedo

Aunque el mundo cambie los planes que teníamos

Aunque estemos en la oscuridad

Aunque haya una tormenta

Nuestro amor nos mantendrá abrigados

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